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At SonicTest Labs, we provide cost-efficient alcohol testing solutions for businesses and individuals. We provide the answers you need when you need to create a safe working environment or even follow legal obligations. Whether you’re looking to establish a safe company culture or follow legal protocol. Trust our certified technicians for any alcohol tests needed for business or personal use.





SonicTest Labs understands that as a DOT-regulated organization, you must meet the legal requirements for your business. As the testing regulations and policies continue to change, your business needs a partner who understands the legal requirements.

SonicTest Labs meets the testing regulations specified by the DOT:

  • Only NHTSA-approved evidential breathalyzer (EBT) drug and alcohol testing devices be used.

  • Approved devices must also be operated by trained breath alcohol technicians (BAT).

  • The EBT is also the perfect choice for non-mandated businesses to test the alcohol content of the employee at the moment the test is administered.

SonicTest Labs can help you navigate the regulations and minimize your risk.

At SonicTest Labs there are 7 methods for alcohol testing. Depending on your requirements, we will perform the screening that is necessary as each test provides slightly different information. Not sure which test you need?

Our staff is qualified in recommending the appropriate tests for each individual.

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